2022 Schedule

Saturday April 30th

Saturday May 7th 

Friday June 24th

  • Hell’s
  • Bergerac 24100
  • France

Saturday June 25th

  • Café des Sports
  • Belvès 24170
  • France

Tuesday June 28th

  • Le Héron Carré/En Rouge et Loire
  • Angers 49000
  • France

Wednesday June 29th

  • Le Garage
  • Cognac 16100
  • France

Thursday June 30th

  • White Shelter
  • Bouguenais 44340
  • France

Friday July 1st

  • Le Barbizon
  • Paris 75013
  • France

Sunday July 3rd

Monday July 4th

  • Café Ons Parochiehuis
  • Sint-Katelijne-Waver
  • Belgium

Wednesday July 6th

  • Le Brin De Zinc
  • Barberaz 73000
  • France

Friday July 8th

  • Le Cornemuse
  • Arleuf 58430
  • France

Saturday July 9th

  • 931 Rockers Club Society
  • Argenton-sur-Creuse 36200
  • France

Sunday July 10th

  • Le Trait d’Union
  • Vézac 24220
  • France

Friday July 15th

  • Bistro Sotiate
  • Sos 47170
  • France

Saturday July 16th

  • Showroom Gallery
  • Bordères-sur-l’Échez 65320
  • France

Sunday July 17th

  • Le Bar à Trucs
  • Lherm 46150
  • France

4 thoughts on “Shows

  1. HEYYYY the Princeton Pub (Victoria and Powell) is hosting live music, they probably don’t pay much but wouldnt it be GREAT to play again??? I know it would be great to see youse alls again. I danced all fuckin night at the flying pig. Come on! OK? Please?


    1. Two years late, thanks to the pandemic…but your wish is our command! We’re at the Princeton on April 30th 2022. See you there!


  2. Hi, what are your dates in France and Europe during the summer of 2022, so that we can see you if it’s not too far away , thanks


    1. Hi Joe…we just added our French and Belgian dates to the schedule above. Hope you can make it to a show!


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