Tuesday February 26th

  • The Modelos – Johnny Cash Tribute at The Railway
  • 8pm
  • 579 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC

Friday March 1st

Friday April 19th

Saturday April 20th

Friday May 17th

Monday July 1st

  • Private Event
  • 5pm
  • Keremeos, BC

Saturday July 20th

  • Private Event
  • 7pm
  • Vancouver, BC

Saturday August 17th

Thursday August 29th

  • Private Event
  • 7pm
  • Squamish, BC

Friday October 25th

Tuesday October 29th

  • Jazzoet
  • 8:30pm
  • Rozenberg 107, 2400 Mol, Belgium

5 thoughts on “Shows

  1. Hi Stu! We miss you guys too. We’re planning on heading up your way in September. We’ll definitely be up for a show at our home away from home!


  2. Any chance the group would be interested in a private event for a person who has trouble getting out and about to shows due to a physical impairment? My name is Kate. Please respond, even if the answer is no. This is hugely important to me. I’m mindful of ppl’s time but would really hope to work out a win-win scenario with this event. FYI timeframe – sometime in mid March 2019.


  3. Hi Kate…thanks for getting in touch with us. Please email us at the address in the Contact section and let us know what you have in mind. Cheers!


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