Down the Line

Just a few weeks away from our trip to record at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis so our recent trackside video shoot served as a warm up (….believe we mentioned in our last blog post that it was damn hot that day!) for the shoot that we have planned in Memphis. Caroline is heading … More Down the Line

Video Shoot

The Wheelgrinders look surprisingly chipper after a hot and sweaty video shoot. As a newly formed band we are being asked on an increasingly frequent basis by promoters and event organizers for links to recorded or video content that shows who we are and what we do. Well rather than just shoot a bunch of You … More Video Shoot

Paul Pigat

Vancouver rockabilly guitar maestro and great friend of The Wheelgrinders, Paul Pigat, has a killer trio named Cousin Harley. If you ever see a posting for a gig by Paul or Cousin Harley do yourself a favour and go check them out. Brian Setzer named Paul as one of the three best rockabilly guitarists in … More Paul Pigat

Back To The Future

The Wheelgrinders frontman Greg’s biggest regret in life is that he wasn’t alive in the 1950s. But, ever the optimist, if he can’t go to the 1950s he’ll bring the 1950s to him and to anyone who wants to look and listen. Here Greg sports a tailored vintage 1953 suit and plays his 1955 Gretsch … More Back To The Future

What is Rockabilly ?

Define it how ever you want, but what Rockabilly means to us is a grinding beat that you can’t get enough of, makes you move your feet and speaks to your soul. rockabilly /ˈrɒkəˌbɪlɪ/ Noun A type of popular music, originating in the southeastern US in the 1950s, combining elements of rock and roll and country … More What is Rockabilly ?