Euro Tour 2019 – Part 2

Groovy's Club_Nov 2019_76
Groovy’s Club – Rooselare BE – Photo: Steven Dewitte

Well, it’s 2020 already so it’s about time we updated the report of the rest of our tour in Belgium and Holland. 30 days touring and 31 shows played….whew!!! What a blast! We had an absolute ball playing venues large and small all over Belgium and Holland, from tiny bars to sizeable clubs and from quaint villages to major cities like Brussels, Antwerp and Eindhoven.

Cafe Wilhelmina – Eindhoven NL

And of course we did the decent thing every chance we got and sampled the world famous beers that Belgium is rightly proud of.


Our tour drivers Sven, Peter, Danny, Sammy and Brent were fantastic and not only got us safely to and from all of our shows but also pulled triple-duty with taking care of stage set-up and load up as well as handling our sound for each show. Our tour promoter Gert, and his assistand Jessy, booked us into some fabulous venues and we met such a great bunch of folks from hardcore Rockabilly fans to people who just happened to be in one of the venues we played. Hopefully if they weren’t Rockabilly fans before they caught one of our shows they were fans afterwards.

The bar and club owners we met along the way were also fantastic, to say the least, and we were looked after extremely well at every show.

Hop on over to our Facebook and Instagram pages and you’ll find a day by day record of the entire tour with lots of photos and videos.

We had such a blast that we’re heading back over to Europe to tour again this year. We’ll be spending three weeks in France, Belgium, Germany and the UK…more on this in future posts.

We’ll sign off with this great photo that pretty much sums up the fun we had at all of our shows on the tour. See y’all soon!

Photo: Dirk Smolderen

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