Animal Rescue

We’re very honoured to have been asked to play at a great event coming up on Saturday August 19th. It’s the 3rd Annual Route 17cc BBQ for Animal Rescue.

Route 17cc is a car club from Delta BC and each year they host a BBQ in Delta the day before the Ladner Car Show and all proceeds from food sales and raffles are donated to the very worthy cause of Animal Rescue.

All three of us Wheelgrinders are the proud parents of rescue animals….five cats and a dog. The dog on the poster is Tikka who Wheelgrinders front man Greg and his wife adopted from a rescue group three years ago. She was a scared, half starved five month old puppy who was found in the forest outside of Terrace BC after being born feral. It took a lot of love and patience by her rescuers, the Northern Animal Rescue Alliance, and from her new parents to help Tikka become the confident and wonderful dog that was hidden behind her veil of fear and insecurity. There’s no stopping her now!

Animal Rescue groups are absolute heroes and so are groups like Route 17cc who help the funding of the rescue groups with events like this.

We can’t wait to play this show!

17cc BBQ Poster.jpg



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