Ridin’ Along in my Automobile

WG inside car-1

Many rockabilly and 50s rock ‘n’ roll songs have been written about cars. Chuck Berry had plenty…”No Money Down”, “Jaguar and the Thunderbird”, “Maybeline”, “No Particular Place To Go”. One of the songs that many claim as the first true rock ‘n’ roll song was Jackie Brenston’s (actually Ike Turner’s band) “Rocket 88” about the Oldsmobile 88, and we’ve had plenty of rockabilly classics written about cars. Sammy Masters’ “Pink Cadillac”, Joyce Green’s “Black Cadillac”, Charley Ryan’s “Hot Rod Lincoln” and many more.

The Wheelgrinders have their own car song written about the automobile in which Caroline and Greg are riding along in the photo above. “Torqueflite Baby” is a high octane rockabilly ode to the band’s 1957 Dodge Coronet, Betty Lou.

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