Video Shoot

Wheelgrinders VideoShoot-

The Wheelgrinders look surprisingly chipper after a hot and sweaty video shoot. As a newly formed band we are being asked on an increasingly frequent basis by promoters and event organizers for links to recorded or video content that shows who we are and what we do. Well rather than just shoot a bunch of You Tube videos of our live shows, and wrestle with poor lighting and trying to balance whatever sound we’re dealing with in a specific venue, we decided to shoot our own video and record a studio track for it.

Phase one was finding a cool location where we could do our thing without hassling anybody or being hassled by anybody. We recently did a photo shoot at a great location in East Vancouver so we decided to hit up that locale again for the video shoot. It was hot as hell that day…but we persevered through half a million takes of the song to get the shots we wanted. Phase two is recording the studio take…that will be within the next couple of weeks. And Phase three…edit a rough cut and sync the track and Bingo! Rockabilly a la The Wheelgrinders for anyone who needs to check us out. Stay tuned!

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